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Monday, February 21, 2011

About The Author

Happily married with three very active children of my own, ages six, eight, and ten, who positively challenge me every day, I am also a thirty-one year old, two-time surrogate entering a third journey as a carrier while blogging about my passions and life experiences with: food & nutrition, parenting, photography and surrogacy. Additionally, I very much enjoy spending time involved in outdoor activities, reading, music, the fine arts, interior design, and community service. I love to inspire and be inspired by others and feel that all of us are inherently connected in some way. It is my belief that each day is a new opportunity to form and nurture those connections with support, kindness and respect. That is how I conduct my life, as rich and colorful as it has been, and that is what you will see in my writing.

It is my sincere hope that this new place I have created at will become an online resource and well of support for both potential and experienced gestational carriers, as well as for the intended parents they care for.